Logo Design

Elevate your business or brand with a quality logo. Make sure your clients are aware of who you are and what you do anywhere you can be seen.

Print Design

Always leave your audience with something to remember you by. Print advertising is NOT DEAD. Spread awareness, promote yourself, or create a memory that will last forever

Ad Creation

Social media advertising and content is the most powerful vehicle to create a direct line between you and your customer.

Talk About Your Project

Lets Chat. Set up a Time to dicuss your business and pick the right way to GROW YOUR IDEAS

Growing you ideas
has never been easier

Can We Ask you a Few Questions

Simply fill out a specifically tailored questionnaire about your project.
Add images, notes of all the things that you believe will help us see your vision and we take it from there.

Let Chat!

After telling us about your project we want to learn about you! Your business is your vision. We provide consultations on every project to make sure that we see and hear your project the way you do.

It takes a Village

Each project is unique and each member of GreenLight specializes in a particular area. After our conversation the right designer, printer, or media manager will be assigned who understands exactly what you want to accomplish.

Safety is Key

Making payments and receiving receipts is as simple as opening your email. Using quality industry standard software no matter were you are in the world, You can manage your project right from your email

Why Choose Us?


Your job is to be an expert at what you do
Our job is to be the experts you call to help
inform the world of why you are the right choice.


Have a Design Agency That Works For YOU

We are here to help you grow your ideas.
As we learn more about your core values and visions we will bring those ideas to life. You gain the time to conitnue being expert at what you do, but allowing you to have expert level marketing without having to become an expert in marketing.


Grow Your Network

We thrive in connecting the core values of each company and business we work with to like minded businesses.  GreenLight provides step by step guides to not only your brands marketing but where to take it to next. Got a great ad, but don’t know where to place it WE DO. Enjoy being able to trust us to place you in contact with all avenues of marketing that you may not have known existed in your regions through our partners.


"How do you eat and elephant?



Wire Frame


Final Design



Each project comes with a vision that we at GreenLight need to grow and develop to go from dream to reality. We design with the end goal in mind. During the consulting phase we will discuss what your desired outcome is First.

With the outcome in mind we all brainstorm you the client and us the designers to decide which product design and platform is right to reach your goal.


Wire Framing

Wire framing is this first real visual step to accomplishing the goal. This project brief will reinforce what our goals are, what design or product we will be using to achieve the goal, the timeline, price and expectations along the way.

This step is crucial, insuring that everyone is one the same page and provides both parties the scope in which expectations are to be met.



Now lets have some fun. With the rules set its time to play. We know what you want and how you want it. Check your email everyday and be pleasantly surprise to see your vision take form.

Don't give up your almost there! At this stage from your first proof to the last; we will tweak, proof read, redesign and elevate the vision together to make sure its just right.



We have tweaked, we have designed, we have put our sweat, blood and tears on display for you to delivery your vision. This is our moment.

All that is left is to put your idea to work and watch your business grow.